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Who were you meant to know?

February 26, 2010

I’ve often wondered why were are so drawn to certain people, some people call it chemistry, magnetism, commonality. I’ve never thought any of that. I think what makes the best sense is that at one time we really did all know one another, used to be tangled in the same story. These days it’s really easy to seek what you know and ignore what’s difficult. But what is it you’re giving up in trade for that comfort. For example, there is a homeless man in our town that always catches my attention. If I’m in a restaurant he seems to be walking across the parking lot, if I’m at the grocery he’s on the curb…you get the idea. Now he’s a BIG man and for the most part considering my past he should scare me, but he doesn’t. So on the day I drove by and saw him sitting in his favorite patch of grass behind the Goodwill and I felt overwhelmed to buy him food…I did. I shoved what little cash I had into the bag rolled down my window and said what popped into my head “sir, I bought this for you”. The tips of his fingers were black from smoke, nails too long and dirty, but his smile was perfect. He was a nice man, and I knew I’d done for him what God had wanted at that moment. So no we aren’t drawn to everyone, even though we may have compassion or interest in someone it’s not the same as hearing very clearly that this is where you should be. As with most things, I love the way Emerson explains it, but’s it’s long and drawn out. So here’s some snippets.

Really, all things and persons are related to us, but according to our nature, they act on us not at once, but in succession, and we are made aware of their presence one at a time. When he has exhausted for the time the nourishment to be drawn from any one person or thing, that object is withdrawn from his observation, and though still in his immediate neighborhood, he does not suspect it presence.

Now it’s probably far more complex than that alludes to, but what if we did simplify and simply filled the space around us with what we feel meant to obtain. Is that selfish or self-aware? I made a decision in January (not a resolution, just a conscious effort) to do more of what I feel compelled to do, even if it’s far from comfortable or easy. I’ve got to say that this philosophy is slowly becoming transformational.

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  1. Micah permalink
    March 1, 2010 8:48 pm

    Hon, I think you’re spot-on with the Emerson excerpt (basically the ‘body’ analogy only with body parts changing positions to meet new body parts). It’s anti-romantic, but for the most part, the people we love, places we live, etc. are a part of the decisions we make rather than God imbeded chemistry. Don’t misunderstand, I think He has a master plan and we’re all a part of it, including our decisions; I just think He made us relational beings capable of loving, moving, etc, so we tend to do just that, wherever we are. What’s revolutionary is when people decide that they are uniquely made for a purpose and can live, complacently, with that small, seemingly insignificant purpose.

    Your example is relevant, still. You may not feel compelled to teach a bunch of 12 year old girls to abstain, but you do feel called to bring the old man a lunch. It’s a small thing in the scheme of the universe, but it’s an act of kindness where you are. It doesn’t mean that you’ve been holding out for the homeless person in Ukraine that you have “chemistry” with. It does mean that you are here, now with the talents and tilt God gave you. And you’re supposed to put that ship to sail.

    You did lose me on “simplify and simply filled the space around us with what we feel meant to obtain.”

    Where else have you feel compelled? Answer both comfortable and uncomfortable.

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