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disorganized, disgruntled, discombobulated

April 8, 2009


I’m sure just like everyone else I’m in full Easter scramble, but since we are throwing our Passover Party tomorrow, and Grey’s Easter Party at school is this afternoon I’m way behind and typing this when I should be showering.  And so my list of things to do for the next 24 hrs looks something like this:

  • Pick up candy filled eggs for Easter egg hunt (at school)
  • Make fun snack for school party
  • Take Gentry to library story time
  • Go pick up surprise gift for special party guest
  • Pick up 16lbs of lamb from butcher and prep it for tomorrows cooking
  • Make flourless chocolate cake
  • Go to little league meeting
  • Go to yoga
  • Make 20 programs (Haggadahs) for the party
  • Make placecards
  • Buy ribbons, flowers, wine, and shoelaces (for Grey’s dress shoes)
  • Get goody bags ready for the kids
  • Prepare Seder plate

So there you have it, I’m tired just thinking about it. All I really want to do is go get my nails done and tan and see if I still fit in the dress I planned to wear.

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