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BLC “Bluegrass Lovers Club”

February 6, 2009

The BLC met for the month of Feb in Winchester and they had a Valentine’s special so we professed our deep love for one another (to get the discount) and had an awesome meal much cheaper than normal. We also gave our waiter quite the show 🙂 We had a great time as usual debating everything from the Dugger family’s child rearing skills, Jen’s future husband, Emily & Chris’s new post assignment (by the way Em Ft. Sill is and hour from my Nana), weather or not to have a third baby, and naked Saturdays.

Happy Valentine's Day from the BLC

Happy Valentine's Day from the BLC

We had our sleepover in Jan and I’ve been really bad about posting pics. We made pizza, talked politics, finances, boys, pregnancy and what not. The funniest thing we did was the “needle test” to see how many baby’s we were going to have. According to the all-wise needle Mary is on the docket to have another girl, Me-A GIRL!!!!, Emily and Jen are set to have 5 each, and Maria is going to have three girls and a boy. The needle predicts that the baby Amy is carrying is a girl. The funniest things were Jen and Marias reactions.

3 girls....NOOOOO!

3 girls....NOOOOO!

5 babies...YAAA!

5 babies...YAAA!

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