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Brewed Chocolate???

August 8, 2008

I stumbled across this on a Cupcake Projects blog and am totally intrigued with the idea of brewed chocolate. They brew it in a way similar to coffee and it takes a full pound of beans to make a 6oz. jar. (the equivalant of whats in 2lbs of dark chocolate.) Then they sweeten it with organic raw can sugar and reduce it to a syrup.

 And contrary to some popular belief, cocoa beans contain only small amounts of caffeine. Instead, they are very high in theobromine, a cousin of caffiene with significantly different effects. Theobromine is a gentler, longer-lasting stimulant that lacks the “jittery” quality of caffeine and which also promotes general mood enhancment and a sense of calm.

The flavor is supposed to be light, delicate, and remarkably complex. I can think of a ton of ways to use it…icing, mole, cocktails, teatime with the kids. It sounds wonderful…I just wonder if it’s worth $14.95?

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