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A lot going on

June 23, 2008

We had an unexpectedly on wonderfully full weekend. Friday night we went to church to the parking lot party with our boys and the neighbors neice and nephew. It was a ton o fun. I’m kicking myself for not taking pics but I guess I don’t have to document everything the boys do :-). Grey had his first sleepover at the neighbors with the kids and spent the whole next day with them at the Explorium. (Thanks Kellys!)

I went to Sara’s bachlorette party on Saturday and all the ladies were in dresses and had a cosmo in hand. I REALLY wish I had pictures of Sara opening her  gifts…even I had to blush a few times. And sweet Sara was sure to inform everyone that it’s only 34 more days till……. I think the excitement and innocence of a bride to be is a blessing for an old married girl to behold.

Sunday was a lazy day that ended in a small cookout/birthday party for some family friends oldest boy Jack. Grey has idolized Jack from day one so he’s always up for a day of playing with the big boys. Thankfully I did get some great pics of the kids playing baseball with Micah and post watergun fight. Then the drenched little ones schmeared themselves in birthday cake and we adults played some Wii.

To top it all off today is Vlad’s 9mo birthday. He’s up to 60lbs. and about 25 in. The fact that Gentry just bounced a real basketball of Vlad’s head and he just kept walking is a testament to what a great family pet he truly it. (I love my puppy!)

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