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The Joy of Exhaustion

April 28, 2008

These past few weeks have been so full I am exhausted emotionally and physically.

Micah had to go to the Martek office in Maryland that just happens to be 30 min. from my brother’s new house so we spent four wonderful days there. My sister in law was at an Arbonne conference so I was able to take care of my sweet nephews. Eli and Ben are roughly the same age as Grey and Gentry, it was a definite marathon, but it made me want a big family even more. Grey and Eli spent most of their days pretending to be super hero’s and Gentry fell in love with Sparky the hamster.

When we got home I fell ill with the stomach flu and was in bed for a good couple of days. By the time I was felling remotely better my mom came to visit. It was one of our best visits. No tension, lots of love, and a ton of good memories were made. We went shopping downtown and got some great deals at a thriftstore that was going out of business. We went to the Creation Museum, I highly recommend it for everyone. It’s just a cool place, Gentry thought all of the dinosaurs were “cows”, he would say “no bite, cow, no bite”. It was the cutest darn thing! Jineane watched the boys one night so I could take mom on a date and have a little alone time. It was good for my soul to have her here. Everytime I see my mom I feel like we become more friends than relatives. I’ve started to respect, appreciate, understand her more as the years go by. I guess that’s just part of growing up, but non-the-less it’s nice when it happens.

Mom’s visit also coincided with our Passover Party and Gary getting a job and moving out. So slowly I’m getting the house in order and looking good for our (hopeful) future buyer. Our contract on the other house has expired so we meeting with the couple on Wednesday to discuss options. Micah’s final is on the same day so it’s going to be a pretty taxing 24hrs.

And the most important thing of course is that this Friday will mark our 5th Anniversary. We’ve both planned a few surprises for the other. Apparently Micah has been planning his surprise since last year. All I know as of now is that his mom is watching the boys overnight. And I’m suposed to pack an overnight bag and be wearing a sundress when he comes to pick me up. I’m so thankful to all of you who have kept this a secret. It’s going to be so fun for both of us. And a huge thanks to Grandma Elizabeth for offering to keep the boys!!!

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