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Renagades and Growth Spurts

January 14, 2008

Grey has been getting up at all kinds of wierd hours, doing things he knows he shouldn’t. One morning Micah heard something around 4:30 but just assumed that it was his dad, come to find out when he got up an hour later it was Grey. He had found the caffienated mints on top of the microwave. They were sprinkled all around the house and in his sheets. I asked how many he ate and he said “only one, it made me feel all crazy inside.”

Last night he didn’t want to go to sleep because I had let him take a nap. So when I went in at midnight to get Gentry he had pushed his top mattress off and was laying on his box spring using his bedskirt as a blanket.

This morning I found the bottle of sanding sugar in his bed and sprinkled all over his sheets.

On New Years Day we woke up to him buck naked and he had colored his privates with markers.

Gentry on the other hand seems to sleep through most of these shenanigans, he however has been waking up to eat mass amounts of food at all hours. He’s going through another growth spurt. Last night he woke up at midnight to eat a banana, toast, milk, & bowl of cherrios. The good think is that he is sleeping in until 9 or 10 and taking super long naps right now. It would even out if Grey wasn’t getting up at 6:30 and refusing to take naps.

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