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January 4, 2008

I’m sure most of you have noticed that I haven’t posted in weeks, and before that is was sporatic at best. That started because I was just bombed by the holiday rush, but has continuted for another reason. Now, we were busy like everyone else. We started off the holiday by driving to Pittsburg, then on to Maine, then to New Jersey and then finally home on New Years Eve. And believe it or not the kids did pretty great on the trip. There were a few hair raising moments but I must say they travel amazingly well for such little tikes.

But now after all of that I’m tired and not feeling to motivated to tackle a whole new year. So far this year we have something like 2 wedding, 8 babies, and our 5th anniversary on the docket…and yet still not really feeling jazzed about the year ahead. My birthday was the 29th of Dec, and though more friends remembered this year than have in the past (nobody seems to remember after Christmas), it came and went without much celebrating. We were snowbound in Maine so I took a nap, ate pot roast, and had a choc. sheet cake. The one shining sliver was waking up to Grey singing me Happy Birthday in his small precious voice.

And even with having Micah’s dad living with us and all of the free babysitting and daytime company that entails, we have decided to stop looking for a house (again), so again pretty bummed about that. That decision mostly comes from the stagnant nature of the market and the inability to sell our house…and Micah.

Micah has wanted me to read a book called “How People Grow” for a long time and I’m finally getting around to it. I’m in the chapter on struggle and how most growth is born from struggling. Now to be honest with you this idea of having to go through constant trials isn’t my idea of a good time. I really feel like I have been tested to my limit and am ready for a little bit of triumph. We are going on our third year in this house, this place, and I remember the excitement when we decided to downsize and really invest in the future. To just struggle until Micah got done with school. I felt like such a big girl making that decision. To deny myself all the things I wanted to put away money for retirement, tithe, and be responsible. But he’s done with classes now and on to research and there has been no change.

For the most part my blue collar neighborhood didn’t bother me that much until I became an attempted car jacking victim, my dad’s van got stolen, and then our shed got broken into and they stole around $1000 worth of tools. All of this happened within 2 weeks, so we bought a dog that will one day be an intimidating size, and had Micah’s dad move in to the house to be with me all the time. So now I feel a bit more safe…but I’m still itching to move.

Is it bad to have no great expectations for the new year? Maybe it will keep me from breaking my resolutions, or am I just finally growing up. Don’t adults treat there birthdays like any other day, and struggle at the same day to day grind for 20 years, and become victim to senseless fools? So am I an adult now…have I earned my stripes?

 Being an adult SUCKS!
Here are pictures of the better moments from our holiday trip.
On our way to the Pittsburg Synphony Orchestra
My 26th birthday
Playing in the snow in Maine
Grey’s first time sleding
At Grandpa Gary’s BBQ resturant
Grandma and Grey
Brotherly love on Christmas Day
Ganging up on Uncle Eben

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  1. Micah permalink
    January 13, 2008 6:17 pm

    I’m surprised no one chose to comment. I’d like to hear from Vicki on this one at least.

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