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Wonderful Weekend

August 28, 2007

As promised, it’s tuesday, and I’m back…I can tell your excited to see me 🙂

The weekend was great but extremely busy. We started by having a lunch cookout with Tom, Dana, and Adeline on Saturday.
gentryadeline2.jpg gentryadeline.jpg adeline.jpg

greyswing.jpg gentryswing.jpg
 Then we headed to Louisville to see Wes and Abby’s new baby, Austin John, he was born last Sunday. He was SOOO cute! I love me some babies.
abbyaustin.jpg austin.jpg
 Then we headed to the Charasika compound to stay the night with Tendai. We walked over to his parents and visited with his mom for awhile (she was already in her pj’s and had rollers in her hair :-). We showed Grey their “oreo cows” (belted galloway’s) and their water “mountain”, and Grey developed a huge crush on Callie and insited on holding her hand everywhere they went.
fountain.jpg greycallie.jpg
 Then early Sunday morning we went to Grandpa’s house to wait the arrival of Micah’s dad. We had a nice relaxing time with him all Sun & Mon. His business partner and wife (Mike & Helen) also had dinner with us. Then they guys and Ros played uker on the back porch. Mon. we had lunch at Lynn’s, it was a perfect place for Grey, he could be as loud as he wanted without anyone even looking.
shoulderide.jpg needhamboys.jpg garyeben.jpg

 bear.jpg uker.jpg grandpastroll.jpg

 cookiethief.jpg dumptruck.jpg

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  1. August 28, 2007 4:05 pm

    Welcome back Ami! I do miss you when you are gone. love, Aunt Susan

  2. Micah permalink
    August 30, 2007 10:17 am

    Thanks for posting these wonderful pics, babe.

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