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So here’s my new pad…

July 25, 2007

This is my new blog, I’m really liking that I can customize the main pic. and that I could import all my old blogs. It would have been a real pain to retype them all. I’ll try and stick with this one a bit longer…thanks, A

So here’s an update on yesterday. I was feeling a little sick and very overwhelmed so Micah offered to give me a day off and stay home with the boys. I started to cry when he said it, I just so badly wanted to take a day off. So I went back to bed until 11, got up and nursed the baby, then Micah took the boys out to run errands, get my knives sharpened and visit the fire station (Grey had a blast). While the guys were gone I piddled on the computer and made some homemade bohemian mustard. Then we all had a late lunch, we put the boys down for their naps and spent some quality time together. When the kids got up Micah took them to the park for an hour so I could bake some bug cakeletts (my therapy is baking in case you haven’t noticed). They got home just in time for some ham salad sandwhiches and fried okra for dinner and then we did the whole bedtime routine. It was AWESOME!!! Thank God I have a great husband who takes the time to notice when I need a little time to recharge.

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