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Hear ye, Hear ye, we have accomplished #2!!!!!!!

July 23, 2007

Grey went poopy in the toilet tonight for the first time, it was HUGE…I mean it was a big deal. We sang, we danced, there was a flurry of chocolate, ice cream, and cake, we blew bubbles, he rode his bike, we called Keaton, we watched Cars…let me repeat, it was a big deal.

We also spent the day in New Albany with Micah’s grandparents, we always have such a great time up there, and we always seem to find out some really cool family history in the process. Todays tidbit was that “the hill” where they live is called Mary’s Meadow, after Grampa Dick’s mom. It was originally owned by his parents and then split into 8 parcels and sold to six different people, this left one parcel in the middle that is considered the neighborhood park…how cool is that. I also found out that both a Schulz and a Moser live on the hill (both my maiden names).

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