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Bourbon BBQ

July 17, 2007

Well, Micah’s dad (Gary) has opened up resturant #2, going back to his roots, it’s good old-fashioned BBQ. Just the thought of those ribs is making me drool!!! Here’s the link to some great pics and the podcast interview.

Declaration of BBQ
No plates, we serve on butcher paper – it’s biodegradable
No Rolls – White bread rules, it’s there to soak up the juice
If the meat if falling off the bone, the ribs are overcooked
This BBQ is not like any other place in Bergen County
Pitt Master Gary is always right!
All poultry is sourced from our friends at the Goffle Farm
We do run out of meat on busy days
This is not fast food; all meat is made to order
Absolutely no refunds, ask questions before ordering!
Every BBQ is different, we do ours!
BBQ Chicken Breast will not be as moist as the Pulled Pork
If you are taking the food out, it will not be hot. Most BBQ is served at room temp
Ribs are cooked for many hours; the red is the smoke ring
Use your hands to eat, paper towels after the meal
Red bottle is not ketchup; it’s the Spicy BBQ Sauce
If you think this not a Southern BBQ, speak with Chef Gary
No Gas, No Electricity, just hard and fruit wood smoke
This BBQ is serious food to prepare, have fun while eating eat and do not worry about the etiquette, just Enjoy!

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