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A Pregnant Cheerleader KICKED MY BUTT!!!

June 20, 2007

Okay, since I’ve started working at the gym and in turn get a free membership I decided that I was going to go whole hog for two weeks (until vacation) and try to get my body fat % down by 6. My grand plan was to go everynight except for days I work and just take whatever class was scheduled. Yesterday was a weight type class, and I woke up a little sore. So today was supposed to be a cardio class and HOLY CRAP! Let me just say that everyone in the class was like <5’5″ and then to top it off three were pregnant. I totally couldn’t keep up. The pregnant chick in front of me was bopping around like a dancer for J.Lo. Now not only couldn’t I keep up but the instructor was speaking some kind of foreign language, let me just give you an idea…

Okay everyone, we are going to start we a double walk, now pump it out, okay, diagonal across the box, and let me see your football, now we are going to mambo, cha cha back, and then grapevine back to start.

And that was just the stuff I could make out over the music. So needless to say I quit when we started to “take it up a level”. I was a little bit embarassed that I couldn’t keep up, but hey at least I was there. And to top it off, by body fat when down 2% between Sunday and today…so I guess it was worth it. (But I secretly wish I could have knocked over the pregnant perky chick in front of me)

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