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Back to the grindstone…kinda

June 13, 2007

Well, thanks to Amy, who hooked me up with a cush job, I’m now part of the working world again (2days/wk, 3hrs/day). I know it’s not much but it feels like a big step considering that I haven’t worked in 4 yrs. I watch the child care room at a gym, which yesterday had a ton of little girls. I got to do hair, dance to Hannah Montana, and pretend to be a giraffe. It was a lot of fun. The sweetest perk is a gym membership, I can’t wait to use that and start working out. I’ve been talking about it since Gentry was born but our gym here in town has teenagers in the child care room and I just don’t trust them. So here we go, lets see if I actually do it. The only downside is it’s a $12 round trip in the suburban, so I think on the days I work Micah will be riding his bike to work and I will be taking the focus. I’m so not thrilled about driving the little blue tuna can, but it’s half the price, so I guess I should.

Wealth and the Middle Class…how do you feel about it?

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