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Republican primary debate

June 6, 2007

Well I caught the debate last night (missed the dems b/c in-laws were in town), and there actually seemed to be some pretty good guys up there. Unfortunately, there was 10 of them so you only got to hear from each of them a couple times, but none the less is was encouraging. I hadn’t heard of a couple of them, and after hearing there responses I can guess why.
Ron Paul seemed to only be able to answer a question by attacking both parties…I don’t think that’s going to get him anywhere.
Mike Huckabee had an awesome answer when asked about our greatest moral dilemma…he said that the rep. should focus on the sanctity of life not only from conception to birth, but from conception to death. That was basically the umbrella he used to cover abortion, poverty, war, and health care. I really liked his answer.
Former Sec. of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson has a very thoughtful and stat filled answer for health care questions (and I would expect no less), so when asked about his forte he showed great clarity, but I don’t think he could do that for every topic.
When asked about conservation in the rep. agenda Sam Brownbeck’s answer definitely hit his base, he said make it profitable and the free market will do the rest. This was spot on for a capitalist society.
Tom Tancredo kinda came off looking like a jerk. I agree with him on some things, but I think he has the same problem Pres. Bush has, he’s not a great communicator.

Now for the big guns…

I just don’t like McCain, he maybe the most moderate, but I don’t really know because he seems to hide a lot of things. I did however like his answer on govt. spending. He said he “would veto any bill with a pork barrel project and make the authors famous”. I think accountability is good and much needed right now.

Rudy Guliani was probably the most poised with some of the best answers, but I do expect that of him, he’s been on a national platform for a long time. My only problem with him is that he’s pro-choice. Mitt Romney put it best when he said the Rep. party will ultimately vote off of principal not personality(i.e. Pres. Bush). So I think in the long run we would loose the White House due to this.

Then there’s Mitt Romney, I like this guy. He’s already made a good impression with the masses, and that’s impressive for someone who was virtually unknown. He’s very diplomatic and gracious (we could use some of that with foreign policy), he knows his base, and he seems really honest. When asked about airing adds in Spanish, he very honestly said, “I want them to vote for me”. I don’t think he answered one question where I had a gut jerk reaction, and I can’t say that of anyone else.

So I’m still listening, hopefully you are too, because I think this next election is gonna be a doosy!

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