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Thank You SJP!!!

May 18, 2007

You may think this is going to become a shallow tribute to Sarah Jessica Parker, but it’s not. I saw an advertisement saying that she was going to be on Oprah today…so I thought I’d watch. And low and behold she’s started a new clothing line called “Bitten”. The cool thing is that there is nothing in the the 400+ items over $19.99!!!

About 2 yrs ago I read a book called “Disciplined Woman” by Ann Sanders. It was written back in the ’70’s and it talked about all the things a woman can do to make her family feel more loved and to streamline her home. One of the things she did to accomplish this was to strip everything from her closet that wasn’t essential. She was a preachers wife, so for her that meant having 5 dresses, 7 pantsuits, 5 daytime outfits, etc. Not only did she pair the clothing in her closet so that she new exactly what outfits she had be she knew what accessories and shoes went with each. Her reasoning was that women waste way to much time and money trying to look good and get dressed in the morning (and most of us get angry in the process).

So I decided that that was something I could do, and then I got pregnant, and then had a baby, and then lost the baby weight…anyway it’s been a little hard to get the outfit thing down. But I have stuck by the second part of the resolution I made that day and that was to not spend more than $10 on a piece of clothing from then on. Now I have made an exception here and there. I spent $27.99 on a dress ($400 retail, used on ebay) for our anniversary and $15 on a pair of Christmas dress slacks, but for the most part I’ve stuck with it.

That’s why I’m excited. For the past couple years I have had to shop very carefully, usually used (not that I care). It takes so much less time to know you can just walk in a store and be able to buy something, instead of having to search for the sale rack and then scourer it for the best deal. And now I can buy clothes that actually have a “cut” to them again (and ladies you know what I mean). So watch out everyone, I just may start to look fashionable once again!!!!

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