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In the Needham tradition…

April 21, 2007

In true Needham fashion Grey was introduced to the track yesterday. Some friends of our have seats, and originally Micah and I were going to go until we realized that it was a friday and we don’t know anyone that we can leave the boys with on a weekday. So we decided to divide and conquer, Micah took Grey and I stayed home with the ever fussy Gentry. They had fun but Grey really didn’t understand the twenty min. between races, so there was lots of hide ‘n go seek and snacking. But they did win $90 on a race and celebrated with ice cream.

I also went on a date with myself last night. I went to go see “In the land of women” with Adam Brody & Meg Ryan. It was a pretty good movie, but I think the most incredible thing was that I haven’t been to a movie theater in at least two yrs. The last two movies I saw in theater were Van Helsig and Spiderman. Can you believe that, it’s so pathetic. I love movies, we owned video stores growing up, I’m a total movie buff, I even love the stupid B movies like “Earth Girls are Easy”. It’s just so expensive to go to the movies when you throw $30-$40 bucks for babysitting on top of the normal cost. It was really nice to be alone, not worrying if anyone else was having a good time. Of course a couple times when the movie would get loud I wanted to say “shhhh the baby is sleeping”, until of course I realized that he couldn’t hear it from our house. The girl at the counter even asked me if I was a student, I thanked her, I actually felt kinda younge. And to all of you screaming that I am younge, I know this, I just never FEEL it. Most people doing what we are doing in life are almost a decade older than us, the people our age are….being younge.

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