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1st & 2nd ammendments under attack

April 17, 2007

Okay let’s start off with Don Imus….not the brightest guy, he should have never even uttered the words “nappy headed hos” stupid stupid stupid. But since he did it seems to have opened a Pandora’s box of sorts. And because he is old and white it is a huge deal, the younge white Eminem has been saying stuff far worse than this for a decade and most of us can recite verbatim a few of his songs. He didn’t get fired, he got rich! I don’t know if Imus should have been aloud to keep his job, I’m not smart enough to figure all of that out. He’s a jerk, but is he the victum of a witch hunt?

To put it in perspective let’s talk about the good ole Al Sharpton, who has publicly in his speeches described whites as “diamond merchants” “white interlopers”, he’s called the mayor of New York a whore, and used the phrase “Greek homos”. Now I guarentee that 99% of engagment rings, no matter the color finger it is on, is a diamond. I can also bet that a black person or two would claim to be gay. So why oh why is this alloud???? And why is it that on Oprah yesterday Jesse Jackson was talking about the scurge of the rap industry, but he has publicly used the word “nigger” on many occasions. Not only that but Barack Obama has said that if anyone on his team used this word that he would fire them, oh, but his number one finacial contributor is David Geffen, who owns Interscope records (Timbaland, Eminem). Doesn’t this all seem a little backwards?

So what’s the real problem, racism, sexism, libralism, conservatism, where do you fall? Because I guarentee that someone will find fault with you. To be politically correct is to just be fake. Politicians are politically correct because they want your money and they will LIE to get it. Politically correct=LIE. Unfortunate but true. So why can’t we tell the truth, durrogatory words are bad, don’t used them, if you are trying to hurt someones feeling, you will. The problem isn’t a bunch of old men, the problem is that two white girls will great each other with terms of endearment such as slut and ho. Or that two white boys will say “what up my nigga” and no one slaps them, not only do they sound stupid but it’s just not okay. What’s going to happen when a generation that says these things out of habit not hate is running the country?

Okay problem nuber two…2nd amendment. After yesterday’s shooting at Virginia Tech the gun debate is brought to the forefront again. Now, I’m all for the right to bear arms. Always have been always will be, but what are we to do when it is now normal to have children dragging guns into school 3,4,5 times a year. When did this become a trend, there is some kind of cultural undercurrent that has yet to be found, we are at a loss.

I will admit a deep dark secret, I sometimes watch the view, mainly because I’m waiting for the day when Elisabeth stands up and slaps the crap out of Rosie, but until then I will listen to the drivel that spills from Rosies mouth. Now to me, personally, Rosie is far worse than Imus. She spews conspiracy theories and libralism into concious thoughts of millions of people a day. She is actually trying to take away our first amendment rights while abusing it herself…but I digress. She actually thinks that the university staff should have pulled the fire alarms when the shootings started. Okay, every woman has been taught that when you are approached by a stranger to yell “fire” because everyone wants to watch a fire. So by pulling the alarms the students would have run into the hallway and been put in the direct path of the gunman. So again her stupidity is overwhelming.

So how do you stop a comakazi gunman, how did he get a gun into the dorm, metal detector? I have no idea how we are going to stop these shootings or how we make this okay for the hundreds of children and heroic adults who have died at the hands of these people. It seems like this is just an unfortunate new sector of our society. It definately makes me want to homeschool my children. It makes me fear people who in anyway look dastardly or depressed. It does not however make me fear men in camo or big shiny buckles, or even the ones that have the bumper stickers that say “John Wayne is my president”.

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  1. Patrick permalink
    April 18, 2007 9:03 pm

    I think the big difference between Eminem and Imus is their audiences. First of all, you have to take Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton out of the picture. Despite how much they appear on television I don’t they they really have that much credibillity with the majority of people.

    Imus was fired because his employers didn’t want to be associated with his recent words in light of the controversy they created. I think they realized that the people who watch MSNBC and listen to his radio show are not the kinds of people who can turn a blind eye to the kind of speech he was guilty of (whether it’s for the sake of morality or fashion).

    Eminem, on the other hand, hasn’t been fired because his audience doesn’t object to what he does.

    Your post implies we’ve seen an attack on the first ammendment, but it seems more likely to me what we’ve seen is the free market at work.

    Does that make it okay for Eminem to say the words and not right for Imus? I don’t think so. But there have been more than a few politicians who have complained about rap music over the years too. In the end, though, politicians tend to complain about a lot of stuff to no avail – and it’s the free market and money that determines who gets by with what in most cases.

    – As to the gun issue, I’d be okay with there being no guns at all. They’re designed to hurt people afterall, right? And I tend to think the second ammendment tends to get misinterpreted a lot. I have lots of friends and family members who love guns, though, and are careful, responsible gun owners, so I tend to not talk about it too much.

    Aaaanyway, it’s differences in opinion that make the world go round, right?

    Really enjoy your blog, Ami. Keep it up!

  2. Mrs. Needham permalink
    April 19, 2007 3:25 pm

    I agree that it is mainly the audience exercising their power, but why is it that the same people who are outraged by Imus will go out and buy these cd’s for their kids to listen to? Again, I absolutly don’t agree with Imus, just pointing out the inconsistency.

    And as far as the guns go, I think I’m just as baffled as everyone else. I’ll never let my kids around a gun, but if someone broke into my house the first thought I would have is “how many shots will it take to kill this guy”. How’s that for inconsistency 🙂

  3. Micah permalink
    April 20, 2007 2:05 am

    Wow! That’s my wife, uber sided on issues. If anyone ever questions where she falls on an issue, they’ve probably not read her right.

    To the points…
    N*&%er is a bad word. Prior to whites using it ad nauseum for purposes to inflict harm, it was a worthless word, without weight. The question is what is the difference between the two users? If you see the swastika on anything, what do you see? Hopefully if you’re in your right mind, you see a symbol that bears great, unfathomable sadness, tears and hate. Prior to its use by the Nazi party, it was a symbol of good luck and success in Hindu regions and you wouldn’t have recognized it. Similarly, the confederate flag bears much of the same blemishes. Yes it’s the GA state flag and represents a history of a Southern American that shouldn’t be forgotten, but because they fought for an ideal counter to God’s Kingdom, it should be shelved, not displayed proudly. One guy in my TKE days rhetorically asked, “You can build a thousand bridges, but if you suck one d&#k, what are you?” There’s a whole other conversation about the Biblical interpretation of slavery, both New and Old Testament, that is outside the scope here and is better taught by those like Patrick.
    So, will the free market continue to allow Eminem, absolutely. Is it wrong.. absolutely. Do I like many of his songs?… absolutely. What part of me is Eminem appealing to? My lust for comedy without bounds. Paul tells us not to enjoy dirty jokes; I think this falls in line with that. Then, should I like Eminem? No =( Is that going to be enough to change my listening habits? Probably not yet… But pray, keep praying. Righteousness is found by being close to God; is God kickin’ it to a little Marshall Mathers? Probably not, not that I know His mind. Remember the big picture of life… Eminem is not in it. Imus was out of place as Patrick said. People listen to that show for news, sports, some comedy, etc. Not bigotry. He used his terms to hurt people and YES he’s white, and YES he’s a man, so YES it is AND ought to be a witchhunt. Do you know what it means to be stand up and take the consequences? I’m not sure my ancestors owned slaves, I hope not. But you can rest assure that America was largely built into a commercial success on their backs. For abusing that and enjoying the spoils, I am due punishment. Look at the African-American population (including all prejudiced races in America)… for the most part, NOT all parts, they are having a hard time and it all goes back to that time in America’s history. We are in a transition period where we, caucasians and the rest of wealthy America, owes it to those populations to help them up. It’s called being a neighbor; putting down your earthly treasures for the sake of their own; as a result, laying up your treasures in heaven, your real “race”. So, was the first amendment attacked via the wieght of a free market? Yeah, but isn’t it every day? Look at the counter point… Freedom of speech was probably meant to be a middle ground to prevent a big brother government. I think for <1% of America it's gone too far, e.g. Ku Klux Klan, right wing Montana Militias, ACLU (hehehe, just kidding). I'm not sure Ami thinks the first amendment was beat up as much as she feels the first amendment (as it is currently interpreted) is too broad. Look at her example of girls calling each other "ho" and the white boys. I think she wants people to voluntarily remove these words from the language out of respect and love. The anti-first amendment action would be to outlaw those words, but that would keep people from saying them, right (if enforced, of course)? That goes back to my point about altering the language voluntarily. Likewise, NBC voluntarily removed Imus to help improve the language and their workplace. You may not hear this from me much, but "Good job, NBC."
    Re: the politicians remark…
    I COMPLETELY DISAGREE. Yes, I’m sure there are politicians out there trying to be politically correct. I don’t think using careful speech is lying, I think talking out of both sides of your mouth IS. Do politicians do that? Yes, of course. Look at what they do. They lead the most powerful country, are surrounded by dozens of people (lobbyists) with tons and tons of money wanting to buy their opinion; tons of money which they need to keep their job (campaign funds). Can you imagine the pressure from Satan? I should hope a few of them make it with their integrity. Which goes back to needing God. That’s why Ben Franklin said that the meetings in Congress should always open with a prayer.

    The second amendment…
    I’ll just post my question, one I have yet to find an answer to and I would love good insight from any passers-by…
    Can you see Christ fighting in a war? Killing people, the very ones he came to save? The ones he said we should love, even our enemies? John has seen Christ in the War to come, but who does Christ smite in the Revelation? Would Christ defend His life if it meant killing the oncomer? Would Christ attack to prevent a possible attack? Would Christ allow Himself to be killed?
    Has God allowed His appointed to win wars via much bloodshed? Does God rule with a Staff and Rod? Has God struck down sinners? Has He sent Angels of Death to kill the firstborn of an oppressive society? If yes to these about God,… when?

  4. Mrs. Needham permalink
    April 20, 2007 1:17 pm

    Well, there you have it, two opinions from people far smarter than me. But, I guess maybe I’m smart by association 🙂 Thanks, for taking the time to read honey, and now everyone knows why we’re together. Your…….brain is so big 😉

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