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Colston is here!!!

April 3, 2007

Lot’s of cool things have happened today! Some friends of ours had their baby, Colston Matthew, 7 lbs. 9 oz., 20 in. born at 12:35pm. I’m so glad he’s here. When I told Grey that Addison was getting a baby brother today he said “Ya! a present!” and I totally agree. I hope to go and see him tonight. I will show pictures later.

I also went to my uber cool church to meet with XSM director Tim about volunteering, I’m really excited about this, it seems like a good fit for me. I would get to send our birthday cards, make encouragment phonecalls, and send new baby gifts. It’s basically what I already do just for a different group of people.

And ya, I almost threw up this morning when I found lamb blood in the sink left over from Passover. No we didn’t slaughter a lamb, but I did clean a leg of lamb in the sink, yuk! I had to open the windows to get the smell out.

Micah had a test today in one of his extremely hard classes. He read me some of the stuff he was studying last night and all I understood was “enzyme, covalent, protien, prion”, everything else sounded like yiddish….God! he is so smart!

Grey has completely stopped taking naps since daylight savings time. I HATE THIS!!! So I’ve had to start just locking him in his room for a couple of hours a day. To anyone who thinks this is cruel…….I don’t care! Can you imagine your boss waking you up in the morning requesting you make him breakfast and change his diaper, having no lunch break because your lunch consists of making his lunch, your dinner his dinner, sometimes your shower his shower, so forth and so on until you pass out around midnight. I need a couple hours a day alone, and by alone I mean with just my 6 mo. old to boss me around instead of the both of them. 🙂

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